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XCOM: The Board Game: Impressions from PAX

The worlds of video gaming and tabletop gaming, my two favorite hobbies, have been colliding more and more in recent years, something I’ve written about before. The blending of these two mediums usually exists in the form of a digital version..

TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 5 – Time Heist

Doctor Who finally did their version of a heist film with episode 5 of series 8, Time Heist. Doc and Rorschach are here to talk about it on this week’s episode of Two Fat Daleks. Spoiler alert! Direct download:  Right click and..

GAME CHUMS: Mount Your Friends – Part 1

Mount Your Friends is a perfect game for a bunch of chums to get down on. On the beach, at the park, in the club. Wherever good times are had. Join Dane, Tim, Doc and me in this simulated sports-like experience..

Nerdliest Catch: New Beginnings & Ends

Comic book publishers, please stop publishing so many good titles. I literally had 17 books to read for this week’s column. So I am absolutely not reviewing them all. Sorry, kids. Here are a few highlights, plus some bulleted one-sentence..

TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 4 – Listen

A great episode of Two Fat Daleks this week thanks to a great episode of Doctor Who. Hear Doc and Rorschach talk about why Listen is one of the best episodes in years. Spoiler alert! Direct download:  Right click and..


Two weeks ago I, along with many of the other contributors here at SharcTank, attended the 2014 Penny Arcade Expo.  I saw a few things there that I wanted to bring to your attention, but I’m getting it to you..

Lethal League: Was It Worth It?

The second episode of Was It Worth It? season two is finally ready for you to take a swing at! This week, the original cast has returned, as Isaac takes a seat on the bench and Tim and I are reunited on..

NAME YOUR GAME #9: Mike McCain

We’ve got Mike McCain, art director at Harebrained Schemes, with us! You might have heard of his company if you’re a fan of the Shadowrun franchise. After Harebrained Schemes’ wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, Mike has been working on..

TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 3 – Robot of Sherwood

We’re only three episodes into Two Fat Daleks and Doc and Rorschach have already found an episode of Doctor Who they disagree on.  Hear them discuss the Doctor meeting Robin Hood in Robots of Sherwood. Spoiler alert! Direct download:  Right click and “Save As”

PAX Prime 2014: Cosplay gallery

PAX Prime has never been the most cosplay-heavy con, but we were still able to find some real gems in the massive crowds. Thanks to all the cosplays who stopped to have their photos taken with us! I was unfortunately..

Nerdliest Catch: Post-con hangover

Most of SharcTank was at PAX Prime this weekend and I hope a chunk of you were out there as well! Or maybe at Dragon Con? Or somewhere else fantastic? Two days after getting home, I’m still more in the..

TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 2 – Into the Dalek

On this week’s episode of Two Fat Daleks, Doc Wheatley and Rorschach discuss the second episode of series eight: Into the Dalek. Obviously, this episode focuses on Daleks, which are Doc and Rorschach’s favorite Doctor Who enemy… Hence the name of this..

Cosplay Photo Galleries

Sakura-Con 2014: Cosplay photo gallery

Sakura-Con 2014: Cosplay photo gallery

Dane and Liane couldn’t join me at Sakura-Con today, but we’ll be running around together tomorrow to bum around and take more photos! A big thank you to everyone that let me take their photo and as always, if you’d..
Emerald City Comicon: Cosplay photo gallery

Emerald City Comicon: Cosplay photo gallery

Emerald City Comicon was last weekend (obviously!) and SharcTank was representing. We went to panels, spent too much money and, of course, were mesmerized by the show of cosplay. Here’s some of our favorites! (PS: click on the images to..
Shocking BioShock cosplay: Little Sister

Shocking BioShock cosplay: Little Sister

Following up on my interview with CuriousCrow, I got a chance to also interview her older sister, Gone Grimdark, who was ironically cosplaying as a Little Sister. Who said I’ve made that joke before? I don’t know you people. Brandon..