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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders: Was It Worth It?

This week’s episode of Was It Worth It? brings the show’s original hosts, Tim & Dane, back to the cockpit, where they reviewed the World War II airplane simulator Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. Find out how they felt about this aerial dog..

NEO Scavenger: Was It Worth It?

Tim and Brandon host the first WIWI episode of 2015. Listen in as they pick apart NEO Scavenger, an indie RPG survival developed in Flash with some crazy positive reviews on Steam. NEO Scavenger was developed and published by Blue Bottle..

TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 13 – Last Christmas

Its Christmas here at Two Fat Daleks, and while Rorschach is missing from this episode, Doc invites special whovian guests Cory from The Shy Kids, Kevin from Alcohol By Volume, and surprise guest Dean (formerly of The Shy Kids) to..

Sharcs On Break

Hey all, The Sharcs will be on a holiday break for the month of December. Working on the site has been a challenge as we’re all volunteers and always trying to balance SharcTank around our day jobs, but it’s been..

Far Cry 4: Was It Worth It?

A day late, but better late than never I always say! Dane and I were plagued by illnesses which resulted in Dane’s inability to partake in the recording process. Worry not! I wasn’t alone as a special guest came on..

Indie Link Round-Up: December Edition

I hope you’ve been good little boys and girls this year because today is the first day we get to bust open those advent calendars and taste the sweet Advent chocolate. The tease of Christmas goodies is irresistible, but the..

NAME YOUR GAME #14: Anna Kerr

Welcome back, faithful listeners. This episode we have with us the fabulous star of the YouTube channel Circuits and Coffee, Anna Kerr. This is Name Your Game. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out on talks about Super Mario World..

This War of Mine: Was It Worth It?

This is week number two in a three week stretch featuring the original hosts. This week Dane and I played the very interesting indie, survival game This War of Mine. This War is a game that puts the player in..

Nerdliest Catch: Catching up!

What’s that? There was no column last week? No, you must be crazy. …Or you’re spot on and I apologize. We’ll be back on schedule NEXT week and in the meantime, please enjoy this extra-special extra-large edition of Nerdliest Catch!..

Polarity: Was It Worth It?

After a few weeks of different co-host combinations, Was It Worth It? has returned to its roots! Dane and Tim are back for the eighth episode of season two, and we reviewed an indie 3D puzzle platformer by the name..

Cosplay Photo Galleries

PAX Prime 2014: Cosplay gallery

PAX Prime 2014: Cosplay gallery

PAX Prime has never been the most cosplay-heavy con, but we were still able to find some real gems in the massive crowds. Thanks to all the cosplays who stopped to have their photos taken with us! I was unfortunately..
Sakura-Con 2014: Cosplay photo gallery

Sakura-Con 2014: Cosplay photo gallery

Dane and Liane couldn’t join me at Sakura-Con today, but we’ll be running around together tomorrow to bum around and take more photos! A big thank you to everyone that let me take their photo and as always, if you’d..
Emerald City Comicon: Cosplay photo gallery

Emerald City Comicon: Cosplay photo gallery

Emerald City Comicon was last weekend (obviously!) and SharcTank was representing. We went to panels, spent too much money and, of course, were mesmerized by the show of cosplay. Here’s some of our favorites! (PS: click on the images to..